With years of experience designing interconnect products for the aerospace and defense industries, GIGAFLIGHT offers a wide variety of commonly used wire, cables, connectors, and custom assemblies. Our primary focus is to give you options and support for your system’s architecture.

Our high quality cables are designed to be identical or suitable alternatives for seamless substitution with many of the popular lines in the industry today. GIGAFLIGHT continues to design new and innovative products so be sure to check back often.

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GIGAFLIGHT offers a variety of RF coaxial connectors designed to be paired with our coaxial cables. Like our cables, our dependable aircraft connectors can be used as identical or suitable alternatives for industry standard connectors on the market.

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GIGAFLIGHT’s high grade cable assemblies are backed by the knowledge and technical services you need for a successful install. Standard and Coax shipsets available for a variety of different systems on defense and commercial aviation platforms. Quadrax assemblies have lead times of 2-3 days.

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