Is getting your Quadrax cable assemblies manufactured quickly giving you a real ‘Quadache’?

If the answer is ‘YES’ then GIGAFLIGHT has the cure! Let us build them for you, fully assembled, fully tested and ready to fit into your system in no time. GIGAFLIGHT will provide you with a full drawing to your specification in the time it takes you to ship your quadrax assembly contact to us. Or let us provide the contacts, GIGAFLIGHT cable and complete cable assemblies – the choice is yours. Typical lead times on tested quadrax assemblies are 2 to 3 days.

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GIGAFLIGHT Quadrax Cable Assembly Advantages:

  • Complete full tested quadrax cable assemblies guarantee integrity
  • Cable assembly manufacturing requirements & standards applied
  • Experienced team of cable assembly professionals manufacture quadrax assemblies to customer system requirements and specifications
  • Custom / Bespoke cable designs
  • Prototyping & system evaluation
  • Validation testing – capabilities per system requirements
  • All cables / connectors / assemblies marked and labelled per customer specification

GIGAFLIGHT delivers high-quality quadraxial cable assemblies backed by the knowledge and technical services you need for a successful install.

The GIGAFLIGHT Solution to Quadrax Assembly Supply Chain Issues

GF100-24QUAD is a lightweight, flexible, low-loss quadrax ethernet cable with superior EMI performance. GIGAFLIGHT’s GF100-24QUAD (and cable assemblies) is designed to meet ARINC 664 for airborne high-speed data applications, 100 Base-T physical lay for ethernet and surpasses the requirements of CAT5e, REACH and RoHS. It’s Skydrol resistant and passes the FAA flammability requirements of FAR Pt 23 & 25 (App F). With foamed FEP insulation, this cable is designed to be terminated with ARINC 600 and 38999 quadrax contacts. The ETFE jacket protects the cable against the environment and is very flexible, making installation much easier. This high-temperature GIGAFLIGHT quadrax cable is laser markable and available in different color jackets to suit your application.

Quadrax Assembly Alternative to Popular Lines

GF100-24QUAD is a suitable alternative to Carlisle (Tensolite) NF24Q100-01, it is also a drop-in replacement for the PIC E51424 and Draka Fileca F4704-4. Any size 8 quadrax contact designed for NF24Q100-01, E51424 or F4704-4 will also work with the GIGAFLIGHT GF100-24QUAD.

GIGAFLIGHT products promote interchangeability, reduced lead times and cost savings for our customers. Request a free quote for your project today:

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