GIGAFLIGHT Connectivity, Inc. was founded by Air Force veteran and aerospace wire and cable specialist, Ben Hackett, in 2017. GIGAFLIGHT provides high performance electronic cables, connectors, and cable assemblies for use in aerospace and defense products, as well as other demanding applications. Our facility is located in the heart of the aerospace wire and cable community in southeast Wisconsin. We have pulled together a team with decades of experience, specialized knowledge, and an understanding of the demands common within the aerospace industry.

Hackett’s lengthy career has been focused on the design and production of aerospace wire, cable and connectors for a variety of avionics equipment. He served as an RF Engineering Manager at ECS for 9 years and a Product Development/Sales Engineer at PIC Wire and Cable for nearly 19 years. Contributions include numerous industry-first designs helping customers solve a variety of issues. His passion for quality products and customer satisfaction extends to the entire GIGAFLIGHT team, and you can expect fast, effective responses from people that understand your challenges and needs.

Our current product lines, which are designed as identical or suitable alternatives for many of the popular lines in the industry today, include:

  • GIGABite – Data and Ethernet cables & connectors
  • GIGALite – RF cables & connectors
  • GIGAVideo – Video cables & connectors
  • GIGACore – Custom, composite cables

We have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, AS9100:2016 D certification, and we are an FAA PMA Production Approval Holder.

Our main goal at GIGAFLIGHT is to accommodate all operators, big or small, giving them the attention, resources, and focus necessary for a successful program. In recognizing the lack of a sense of urgency among other cable providers, we saw an opportunity to bring good, old-fashioned customer service and support back to the industry.

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