GIGAFLIGHT manufactures and supplies a diverse offering of electronic cables, connectors and assemblies to the U.S. military and defense contractors. Our wire and cable products, designed to MIL-SPEC and other Aerospace industry spec guidelines, perform reliably in demanding applications involving extreme temperatures, vibration, dust and other harsh environmental conditions. We offer competitive pricing, same-day quotes on most inquiries, and same-day shipping on in-stock items with no minimum purchase requirements for domestic orders.

Browse our wire and cable products or contact us for more information. Here are several examples of our cables designed using MIL-STDs, industry-standards, or a combination of both.

Military & Defense Cable Specialist

Ben Hackett is our Military Business Development executive and MIL-SPEC wire and cable specialist. Ben is a veteran of the Air Force and has more than 30 years experience focusing on the design and production of aerospace wire, cable and connectors for a variety of avionics equipment.

Contact Ben by phone 414-488-6321 or  Email

Technical Services for MIL-SPEC Applications

  • Custom jacket colors
  • Coax assembly/kit design
  • Engineering support
  • Service support for installation, termination & testing coax assemblies
  • Vast knowledge of the requirements of a large variety of avionic systems
  • Rapid prototyping

When it comes to rapid prototyping of electronic cables, connectors and assemblies for critical applications for military and defense – GIGAFLIGHT has the skills and resources to bring new ideas to life. GIGAFLIGHT’s knowledgeable staff comes with decades of engineering experience. Our broad prototyping expertise enables us to respond faster to requests than our competitors. We also recognize the importance of listening closely to a customer’s requirements and can customize a solution based on those needs.

Military and defense applications of our products include:

  • Military aerospace
  • UAVs
  • Ground support
  • Naval vessels
  • System controls
  • Communication systems
  • Weapon systems
  • C4ISR

GIGAFLIGHT is AS9100:2016 D and ISO 9001:2015 certified and FAA PMA Approval House. We are committed to quality, on-time delivery and outstanding customer service.

MIL-SPEC Wire Specifications & Standards

GIGAFLIGHT is a COTS (commercial off the shelf) provider that uses the design parameters of industry standards and MIL-SPECs to build and design our cable and wire products. GIGAFLIGHT is an ideal supplier for military industry customers because we provide alternative COTS products that are high quality, cost effective, and available.

Connect with us to share your application and we can guide you towards the right cable in terms of the conductor plating, voltage, temperature range, insulation and NEMA designation. We can also advise you on MIL-SPEC wire applications outside the defense industry.