Custom Mixed Data & Discrete Wire, Shielded Composite Cables & Assemblies

If your application has multiple wires running from point A to point B – including any combination of data pairs, discrete wires, power wire, EMP hardened or EMI hardened – consider using GIGACore composite aeropspace wire and cable, which typically feature GIGAFLIGHT cables as the core component.

GIGACore Composite Cable Advantages:

  • Save time and money in assembly build up
  • Repeatable EMI performance results
  • Repeatable EMP performance results
  • High-temp insulated wires stand up to heat guns in assembly builds
  • High-temp fluoropolymer jackets for aerospace applications
  • Flexible polyurethane jackets for ground base applications
  • Color coding of wire eliminates the need for wire marking
  • Prototype runs of 500 to 1000 feet are offered
  • Lead time of 4 to 6 weeks for new designs and production builds
  • Competitive pricing

Contact a GIGAFLIGHT engineer to get your new composite cable design started today.