PIC E50824 is a 100-ohm 4-pair Ethernet cable designed to deliver 1000Base-T Gigabit performance for aerospace Local Area Network (LAN) applications.

GIGAFLIGHT’s GF824A-5E Ethernet cable is an identical alternative to PIC E50824. Constructed of identical materials, GF824A-5E has the same electrical performance, size, weight, connector usage and applications. However, if you are looking to save time, the GF824A-5E-1 includes a white, laser-markable outer jacket which reduces time in assembly build up. Both cables are designed to be Skydrol resistant, GIGAFLIGHT’s alternatives also meet RoHS & REACH requirements and Federal Aviation Regulations 14 CFR part 25.869, Appendix F part I (a)(3).

Assembled with 4 individual 100 ohm, 24 AWG pairs placed around a center spline, bound by PTFE tape, and wrapped with 100% foil and 90% braided shield, GF824A-5E’s design reduces near end cross talk (NEXT) and the outer dual shield increases protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI). The Fluoropolymer jacket is available in multiple colors and guards against damage during installation and environmental affects during use. GIGAFLIGHT’s GF824A-5E is sold in bulk or as part of CAT5E tested assemblies for Airborne Gigabit Ethernet LAN applications.


GIGAFLIGHT has a line of RJ45 connectors for the GF824A-5E, or as an identical alternative, is easily interchangeable with PIC’s 110XXX series connectors for the E50824.


GIGAFLIGHT started with the purpose to support all operators, providing assistance, resources, and knowledge, no matter the size of the program. Our focus will always be for quality products and responsive customer services.

Including GIGAFLIGHT cables as alternatives on drawings provides options to avoid delays due to supply chain issues common in sole-sourcing materials. Cut your lead time with GIGAFLIGHT’s selection of identical and suitable alternatives and enable customers to offer competitive pricing.

Added benefits include:

  • Competitive pricing: more cost savings
  • No minimum purchase order requirements for domestic orders
  • Same-day quotes on most inquiries
  • Same-day shipping on in-stock items
  • Assemblies shipped in 1-2 days

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