1. Center Conductor: 24 AWG Stranded Silver-plated Copper Alloy
  2. Insulation: Foamed FEP
    1. Color Code: Pair 1: Red, Blue; Pair 2: Yellow, Green
  3. Filler: White Fluoropolymer
  4. Binder: PTFE Tape
  5. Inner Shield: Tin-plated Copper Strip Braid
  6. Outer Shield: 38 AWG Tin-plated Copper Braid
  7. Jacket: White ETFE–Laser Markable Tefzel



The GF100-24QUAD is designed to meet the ARINC 664, 100 Base-T physical lay for ethernet. This cable is a suitable alternative to Carlisle’s NF24Q100-01 and a drop-in replacement for PIC’s E51424. Any size 8 Quadrax contact designed for NF24Q100-01 or E51424 will also work with the GF100-24QUAD. GIGAFLIGHT also provides tested Quadrax assemblies per the customer’s specification and in many cases built with Quadrax contacts supplied by the customer. Please contact GIGAFLIGHT for details.

Our Quadrax cable is available in different color jackets to accommodate your applications. Please call for availability.

GF100-24QUAD 100Base-T Quadrax Ethernet Cable illustration showing layout of wires on ends A and B for socket & pin contacts when terminating

Environmental & Mechanical Properties

Outer Diameter in (mm):0.160 (4.06)
Weight lbs/1000ft (kg/1000m):22 (33)
Operating Temperature:-55°C to +150°C
Minimum Bend Radius in (mm):0.80 (20.32)

Electrical Properties

Impedence Ω:100
Capacitance pF/ft (m):13.0 (42.7)
DC Resistance Ω/1000ft (m):28.5 (93.5)

Attenuation (+25°C)

Frequency MHz dB/100 ft (m)
102.3 (7.5)
1008.0 (26.2)

Additional Jacket Colors for Special Applications

If your project requires a specific jacket color, GIGAFLIGHT can do that. Contact us for cable availability.

View Color & Application Table 

All values nominal unless noted.

GigaFlight’s aerospace cables are designed to be resistant to Skydrol, will meet requirements of RoHS & REACH, & meets Federal Aviation Regulations 14 CFR part 25.869 (a)(4), Appendix F part I (a)(3).

Compare GIGAFLIGHT Cables

GF100-24QUAD E51424* NF24Q100-01**, 422404**

*Drop-in replacement: GIGAFLIGHT’s product is identical to another as far as materials, physical, and electrical characteristics.

**Suitable alternative: GIGAFLIGHT’s product is comparable with slight variances. Please contact us to discuss your application.