Well, we wanted to make your experience over at gigaflightinc.com more enjoyable and more productive. To do that, we’ve redesigned our website! Some of the many updates you’ll find include:

If you haven’t heard of us, GIGAFLIGHT is your form, fit, and function provider for electronic cables, connectors, and assemblies for demanding applications. In addition, our technical capabilities include design services, product selection, custom shipsets, and on-site support. Most importantly, our primary focus is giving our customers the options and support they need. Moreover, we aim to make sole-sourcing a thing of the past.

Our current product lines are designed as identical or suitable alternatives for many of the popular cable lines in the aerospace industry today. However, GIGAFLIGHT continues to broaden our portfolio by designing new and innovative products for future programs and systems.

Check back often to see what we’re up to and what new products we have to offer. If preferred, you can always follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

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