With today’s supply chain issues, GIGAFLIGHT is your best friend! We currently have a 50Ω, low-loss, RF coax avionics cable, GF5-56T, in stock and ready to ship. Our GF5-56T is identical to Carlisle’s 311201 and PIC’s S55122. If you want to minimize your risk of long lead times, we recommend adding the GF5-56T to your BOM as an alternative to these other cables.

The corresponding connectors for this low-loss 50 ohm coax cable are identical to ECS/Carlisle’s XXX122 series of connectors, which means electrical characteristics, strip dimensions, and standard tooling are the same. In addition, PIC’s 1906XX are also interchangeable within this cable group, however, they have varied strip dimensions and can require special tooling.

Features include:

  • Lightweight, flexible, stranded-center conductor cable
  • Uses design standards of MIL-C 17
  • Superior EMI/RFI shielding performance (-90 dB shielding effectiveness)
  • All connectors are fitted with ATUM dual-wall, shrink tubing to prevent moisture ingression and stress relief at cable/connector interface
  • Skydrol resistant, will meet RoHS & REACH, and meets FAR Part 25 burn requirements

The GF5-56T is ideal for applications including:

  • GPS
  • TCAS
  • Mode-S
  • Air-to-ground, cellular communications
  • SATCOM systems
  • Other commercial aerospace and military/defense RF systems
For more info: Contact us or download the brochure.

For other cable alternatives, see our cross reference pages for GIGABite, GIGALite, and GIGAVideo.

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