High performance cable harness components such as cables, connectors and complete assemblies for the most demanding Motorsport applications from GIGAFLIGHT

The intense motorsport environment presents extreme challenges for the entire vehicle, particularly when it comes to the electrical systems. This requires the very highest performance electrical harness components for any demanding motorsport, whether it’s Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, Indy Car, or the like. But, could having the best cables really make a difference to the performance of your vehicle?

Similar to having specialized vehicles for different races, not all cables are designed and built to withstand the harsh environments of motorsports. Conditions like heat, vibration, and engine debris can cause considerable damage to cables. That’s why you need GIGAFLIGHT MotorSport cables. Our cables are lighter, more reliable, and are designed and approved for use across the aerospace and defense industries. With GIGAFLIGHT you can expect high quality, high performance, and high reliability as standard!

The GIGAFLIGHT MotorSport cables are a range of High Performance shielded coaxial and triaxial RF Cables, Data Bus / Ethernet cables and Video cables, connectors and assembly application tooling, or complete tested assemblies and sub-structures.

GIGABite:      High-speed data communications cables – 10 GBs CAT6a Ethernet, Quadrax, Data Bus

GIGALite:      50 Ohm RF coaxial and triaxial cables

GIGAVideo: 75 Ohm video and HDMI cables

GIGACore:    Custom Manufactured – Mixed technology cables

Still not sure? GIGAFLIGHT continually develops new and innovative products to promote interchangeability, reduced lead times and cost savings for customers. We also have many value-add services including:

  • Fully tested and approved bespoke assemblies
  • Kitting and custom spooling of cables
  • Same-day quotes
  • Same-day shipping on in-stock items

Contact us today for more information on how we can get you on the right track to success. For those in the UK, support is right around the corner with our office conveniently located in the heart of the Motorsport industry.

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