GIGAFLIGHT has You Covered for Your next Helicopter Upgrades

There has been a lot of talk around military and defense upgrades, and helicopters, UAVs, and VTOL are at the forefront. You can rely on GIGAFLIGHT—your dependable electronic interconnect partner—for all of your helicopter upgrades. We manufacture electronic cable, connector, and cable assemblies for demanding aerospace and military applications. With a supply chain strategically designed for customers who demand added value through cost efficiencies, security of supply, quality control, and short lead times, we provide proven, industry-leading delivery performance. At GIGAFLIGHT, we have the helicopter cables you need for your next upgrade no matter the platform.


Current Programs

In Europe, the Chinook (CH-47) is currently undergoing upgrades to ensure commonality of systems including digital automatic flight controls, fully-integrated CAAS glass cockpit, improved self-protection equipment, and to lower the total life cycle costs of these aircraft.

The Black Hawk (UH-60) is currently being upgraded from the Lima variant to the Victor. This includes modernizing to a digital cockpit, open architecture for speedy updates and modernization, improved mission safety, excess processing power for future growth, and an overall cost savings.

The Apache (AH-64) upgrades also include open system architecture for the latest in communications, navigation, sensor, and weapons systems. Improved modernized acquisition designation system providing day-night and all-weather target info, as well as night vision navigation capabilities. The AH-64E can be used for conducting reconnaissance, security, peacekeeping operations, and lethal attack without the need to reconfigure the craft.

The future is headed to UAVs/Drones and VTOL. The US Armed Forces are currently developing Future Vertical Lift (FVL), which are intended to replace current helicopters in use. These crafts will employ the latest technology and materials allowing for longer range, higher payload capacity, more reliability, lower operating costs, and a reduced logistical footprint.


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GIGAFLIGHT’s High-Quality Cables, Connectors, & Cable Assemblies

GIGAFLIGHT’s diverse selection of 50 and 75 ohm coax and triax RF, high speed data, cable assemblies, shipsets, custom and composite cables are ideal for avionics and other applications. Paired with our knowledgeable staff, our cable assembly/kit design services, and exceptional customer service, you can be sure you are getting the support required for your program.

Applications for:

  • BFT 3
  • C4ISR
  • GPS
  • Personal Electronic Device (PED) Connectivity


  • High speed data communications cable for Ethernet communications backbone, avionics networks, ground vehicle bus, cabin management, On-Board Connectivity, and ground vehicle bus
  • CAT6a 10GBs Ethernet, ARINC 429, ARINC 664, MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus, CAN-Bus, Quadrax, USB-2


  • 50 ohm RF coaxial and triaxial for navigation, TCAS, and communications systems


  • 75 ohm RF and HDMI coaxial and triaxial for cockpit displays, C4ISR, security cameras, IFE, SMPTE 292M/424M video, RS170 video, high definition video, Blu-Ray, et al.

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