Rapid Technology Developments for IFE, Connectivity, & Charging on the Go!

The demand for aircraft’s IFE and connectivity systems is rapidly increasing. With the advancement of technology, travelers are using more and more personal electronic devices during their flight – this includes devices such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones – so providing high speed internet connections and charging devices is vital. In order to avoid potential interruptions, you need a dependable interconnect partner that will provide you with the high-performance, high-speed cables necessary to fulfill these new demands.

GIGAFLIGHT has designed a line of cables that can meet the requirements of the latest technology, high speeds and also withstand the increased use in bandwidth. Our range of data and video cables, connectors and cable assemblies are lightweight and flexible. They are ideal for use with IFE and other cabin connectivity systems that use local area network (LAN) applications and onboard data transmission, while also being able to handle the increasing requirement for power connections too! GIGAFLIGHT offers more complex cables and cable assemblies with mixed technologies and power wires, for advanced performance to future proof your new and existing systems.

GIGAFLIGHT offers full support management from prototype to production for our cables and cable assemblies to enhance your systems.


Gigabit Ethernet

  • GF824B-6A – CAT 6A Ethernet cable designed to deliver 10 Gb performance
  • GF824A-5E – CAT 5e Ethernet cable designed to deliver 1 Gb performance


Video Cables: Cabin security, SMPTE, Blu-ray, Cockpit displays

  • GF7-303D – Laser-markable, 75Ω HD Digital Video Coax
  • GF7-TX303D – Laser-markable, 75Ω HD Digital Video Triax

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)


  • GF90-24USB2 – Laser-markable, USB 2.0 data and power
  • USB cable assemblies


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