1. Conductor: 22 AWG Stranded Tin-plated Copper
  2. Insulation: Fluoropolymer
  3. Shield: 38 AWG TPC Round Braid
  4. Jacket: White, laser-markable, Tefzel


22 AWG ARINC 429

The GF70-22A429 cable is designed per the ARINC 429 Data Bus specification. It is a drop-in replacement for PIC D620222. To save you time in cable fab, we use a white laser markable jacket.

Environmental & Mechanical Properties

Outer Diameter in (mm):0.160 (4.06)
Weight lbs/1000ft (kg/1000m):20 (30)
Operating Temperature:-55°C to +150°C
Minimum Bend Radius in (mm):0.80 (20.32)

Electrical Properties

Impedence Ω:70
Capacitance pF/ft (m):24.0 (78.7)
DC Resistance Ω/1000ft (m):15.8 (51.8)
Dielectric Voltage Rating kV RMS:1.5

Attenuation (+25°C)

Frequency MHz dB/100 ft (m)
11.2 (3.9)

Additional Jacket Colors for Special Applications

If your project requires a specific jacket color, GIGAFLIGHT can do that. Contact us for cable availability.

View Color & Application Table 

All values nominal unless noted.

GigaFlight’s aerospace cables are designed to be resistant to Skydrol, will meet requirements of RoHS & REACH, & meets Federal Aviation Regulations 14 CFR part 25.869 (a)(4), Appendix F part I (a)(3).

Compare GIGAFLIGHT Cables

GF70-22A429 D620222* --

*Drop-in replacement: GIGAFLIGHT’s product is identical to another as far as materials, physical, and electrical characteristics.

**Suitable alternative: GIGAFLIGHT’s product is comparable with slight variances. Please contact us to discuss your application.