PIC’s V76261 is a 75ohm coaxial cable designed for analog and digital video applications in aircraft systems and other demanding environments. V76261 features a stranded silver-plated copper conductor with foamed fluoropolymer dielectric and double shielding inside laser-markable Tefzel jacketing. V76261 is Apex/Epic system approved by Honeywell, Skydrol resistant and RoHS compliant.

GIGAFLIGHT’s GF7-303D is an identical alternative to V76261. It has the same materials, electrical performance, size, weight, connector usage and applications. In addition, it’s recommended for use in SMPTE 259M and also works for SMPTE 292 and SMPTE 424 video applications.

V76261 vs RG179

Both V76261 and GF7-303D are recommended as replacements for RG-179, which is widely known to be a difficult cable to terminate. Please note, RG-179 connectors are not compatible with either the GF7-303D or the V76261.

In contrast to RG-179, GF7-303D offers:

  • Greater toughness (over 2x more tensile strength)
  • Superior shielding effectiveness (> -90dB vs -50dB)
  • Greatly improved attenuation value
  • Laser-markable jacket

Along with in-flight entertainment and cabin communication systems, it’s also ideal for cockpit displays, surveillance/cabin security cameras and flight test data (orange jacket available).


By providing an alternative for PIC’s V76261, GIGAFLIGHT gives you options – no more sole-sourcing on your material lists.

Added benefits include:

  • Competitive pricing: more cost savings
  • No minimum purchase order requirements for domestic orders
  • Same-day quotes on most inquiries
  • Same-day shipping on in-stock items
  • Assemblies shipped in 1-2 days

Facing supply chain issues? We have an identical alternative for V76261 in stock and ready to go.

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