PIC’s L7626TX is a 75ohm triaxial cable designed for analog and digital video applications in aircraft systems and other demanding environments. The inner coax of this triaxial cable is identical to PIC’s V76261, but the triaxial design of L7626TX offers superior EMI protection with an additional 38 AWG tin-plated copper braid shield.

The fact that L7626TX is lightweight, flexible and able to minimize EMI makes it ideal for low-loss transmission of video signals for cabin security and cockpit displays, though L7626TX is typically used in cabin entertainment video applications where even low levels of EMI cannot be tolerated.

GIGAFLIGHT’s GF7-TX303D is an identical alternative to L7626TX. It has the same materials, electrical performance, size, weight, connector usage and applications.

GF7-TX303D offers additional benefits:

  • Available in two stock jacket colors, standard Laser Markable White and Flight Test Orange, with custom colors available by request.
  • Recommended for use in SMPTE 259M and also works for SMPTE 292 and SMPTE 424 video applications.

The outer shield of GF7-TX303D/L7626TX is commonly grounded at one end to create its own environmental chamber, allowing induced and electric field noise currents to bypass, and significantly reducing the effects of EMI.


All connectors used for PIC V76261/GF7-303D can be used to terminate the inner coax of L7626TX/GF7-TX303D.


By providing an alternative for PIC’s L7626TX, GIGAFLIGHT gives you more options. Eliminating sole sourcing on your material lists reduces your risk of outages and delays.

Advantages include:

  • More cost savings with GIGAFLIGHT’s competitive pricing
  • No minimum purchase order requirements for domestic orders
  • Same-day quotes on most inquiries
  • Same-day shipping on in-stock items
  • Assemblies shipped in 1-2 days

Facing supply chain issues? We have an identical alternative for L7626TX in stock and ready to go.

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