PIC E51424 is a 100 Base-T Quad Ethernet cable constructed to meet ARINC specification 664. Built with a high strength Copper alloy and layers of fluoropolymer, this lightweight low-loss cable is flexible and easy to install.

GIGAFLIGHT’s GF100-24QUAD is an identical alternative to PIC E51424 and a suitable alternative for Carlisle’s NF24Q100-1. It has the same materials, electrical performance, size, weight, connector usage and applications as PIC E51424.

As a drop-in replacement for the PIC E51424, GF100-24QUAD is designed to meet ARINC 664 data applications and is Skydrol resistant, RoHS and REACH compliant, and meets Federal Aviation Regulations 14 CFR part 25.869 (a)(4), Appendix F part I (a)(3).

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Any size 8 Quadrax contact designed for the E51424 or NF24Q100-01 is compatible with the GF100-24QUAD.


GIGAFLIGHT provides options to avoid delays due to supply chain issues with a selection of high-quality alternatives for aircraft grade ethernet cables. We are proud to give our customers a competitive price and lead time. Adding GIGAFLIGHT cables as alternatives in drawings allows you to avoid delays due to sole-sourcing materials.

  • Competitive pricing, meaning more cost savings
  • No minimum purchase order requirements for domestic orders
  • Same-day quotes on most inquiries
  • Same-day shipping on in-stock items
  • Assemblies shipped in 1-2 days

We also provide and test Quadrax assemblies per customer specifications, often built with quad contacts supplied by the customer. Our GF100-24QUAD is readily available while comparable cables may have a long lead time due to shortages in raw materials. Before GIGAFLIGHT, there were no alternatives to off the shelf, specialty custom cables, but now there are. By adding our cables as alternatives to your drawings, you have the efficiency to keep business moving.


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