GigaFlight’s High Performance Aerospace cables can be categorized into three product families:

        50 Ohm Coaxial, 75 Ohm Coaxial and Data Bus

Our cables are designed to meet the harsh environment applications of Aerospace and Defense industry. 

GigaFlight has modeled its product lines around the most commonly used products available in the industry today to promote interchangeability and reduced lead times.

GigaFlight’s team members have been recognized in the industry with being on the leading edge of designing innovative cable products. We will continue to design and develop new cables and connectors per our customers’ requirements.

For a list of 50 Ohm alternatives CLICK HERE


50 Ohm Coax & Triax Cables

50 Ohm RF Coaxial Cables


75 Ohm Coax & Triax Cables

75 Ohm RF Triaxial Cables for High-definition Digital Video


Data Bus Cables

High Speed 2.0 HDMI Cable

Quadrax 10/100 Base-T ARINC 664

Twinax 100 Ohms

CAT 5 - Two Pair Ethernet Cable

CAT 6A - 10G Base-T Ethernet Cable

120 Ohm CAN Bus Cable

USB 2.0 Data Cable