The GIGAFLIGHT GF100-24TPNS is a 100 Ω High Speed, Single Twisted Data Pair Cable, which is designed for In-Flight Entertainment systems (IFE) that do not require shielding. This cable is used in RS422, RS485, NTSC/PAL, and RS170 data and video applications where it has been determined that an unshielded data pair can be used. The GF100-24TPNS is a laser markable alternative to commonly used PIC E60224, with the added benefit of a silver-plated copper alloy (SPCA*) conductor. Users of the new unshielded Twisted Pair Cable will all benefit from reduced weight and size, greater flexibility, smaller bend radius, much lower cost, and reduced installation time!


*The SPCA, 24 gauge conductor will meet the requirements of SAE International Aerospace Standard AS50881, which states in paragraph 3.8.8, “Use of size 24 gauge wires in a harness shall be limited to wires which have break strength of 20lbs minimum.”