1. Conductor: 24 AWG Stranded Silver-plated Copper Alloy
  2. Insulation: Solid, High-temp Fluoropolymer
    1. Color Codes: Pair 1: Blue, White/Blue; Pair 2: Orange, White/Orange
    2. Pair 3: Green, White/Green; Pair 4: Brown, White/Brown
  3. Spline: Fluoropolymer
  4. Binder: PTFE Tape
  5. Shield 1: Composite Foil
  6. Shield 2: 38 AWG Tin-plated Copper Braid
  7. Jacket: White, Laser-markable ETFE



The GF824B-6A is designed to deliver 10 gigabit performance in accordance to ANSI/TIA 568 Category 6A up to 246ft. The GF824B-6A is a suitable electrical alternative to PIC E6A6824 and Carlisle MX10G-24. With a 100% foil and a 90% round wire braided shield, this design provides ample protection against EMI in the vast majority of applications. Product is sold in bulk or CAT6A tested assemblies. Please contact GIGAFLIGHT for a quote.

If your project requires a specific jacket color that is called out in the jacket color table, please contact us for availability.


Environmental & Mechanical Properties

Outer Diameter in (mm):0.260 (6.60)
Weight lbs/1000ft (kg/1000m):44 (65.48)
Operating Temperature:-55°C to +150°C
Minimum Bend Radius in (mm):1.30 (33.02)

Electrical Properties

Impedence Ω:100
Capacitance pF/ft (m):14.5 (47.6)
DC Resistance Ω/1000ft (m):28.5 (93.5)
Dielectric Voltage Rating kV RMS:1.5

Attenuation (+25°C)

Frequency MHz dB/100 ft (m)
102.3 (7.5)
1007.0 (23.0)
25011.4 (37.4)
50016.5 (58.1)

Additional Jacket Colors for Special Applications

The jacket color depicted in the cable image above is a stock item. If your project requires a color for a specific application, GIGAFLIGHT can do that. Please Contact us for availability.

View Color & Application Table 
BlackSecure Data
Translucent BlueStandard
Red Secure Data
Olive Drab Covert Subdued
OrangeFlight Test Data
WhiteLaser Markable

All values nominal unless noted.

GigaFlight’s aerospace cables are designed to be resistant to Skydrol, will meet requirements of RoHS & REACH, & meets Federal Aviation Regulations 14 CFR part 25.869 (a)(4), Appendix F part I (a)(3).

GF824B-6A Connectors

RJ45 Straight Plug

CAT 6A Shielded RJ45 Straight Plug
CAT 6A Shielded RJ45 Straight Plug

RJ45 Right Angle Plug

CAT 6A Shielded RJ45 Right Angle Plug

Compare GIGAFLIGHT Cables

GF824B-6A E6A6824**, E6A0824**, E6A3824** --

*Identical alternative: GIGAFLIGHT’s product is identical to another as far as materials, physical, and electrical characteristics.

**Suitable alternative: GIGAFLIGHT’s product is comparable with slight variances. Please contact us to discuss your application.

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