GigaFlight offers a variety of RF coaxial connectors designed to be paired with our coaxial cables and can be used as a drop-in replacement for similar cables for aerospace, UAVs, military, rail, and motor sport applications. 

Benefits of using GigaFlights connectors:

  • Same strip dimensions

  • Utilizes standard MilSpec crimp dies

  • Center contacts can be soldered or crimped

  • Contact captivation to ensure correct contact height

View the 50 Ohm cable & connector cross reference guide CLICK HERE


50 Ohm Coax & Triax Connectors

GF5-56T Coaxial Cable

GF5-71T Coaxial Cable

GF5-124T Coaxial Cable

75 Ohm Coax & Triax Connectors

GF7-303D Coaxial Cable

GF7-TX303D Coaxial Cable

Data Bus Connectors

CAT 5 - Two Pair Ethernet Cable

CAT 6A - 10G Base-T Ethernet Cable