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No need for Shield?

Introducing GIGAFLIGHT's Unshielded Single, Twisted Data Pair, designed for IFE systems where an unshielded cable meets installation requirements. For the right application, the GF100-24TPNS saves weight, is more flexible, and provides an easier installation all at an overall lower cost.

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Garmin approved CAN bus cable

Our CAN-Bus Can!

The GIGAFLIGHT Aerospace-grade, CAN-Bus cable is approved by Garmin for use with their CAN-Bus System architecture. The White Tefzel CAN-Bus cable is Laser-Markable and designed to be a 120 ohm Twinax, which means the insulation thickness is increased to achieve 120 ohm between the conductors.

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aerospace HDMI cable

Need your HDMI cable in record time?

GIGAFLIGHT has a new aerospace-grade High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) custom cable assembly and can provide it to our customers in record time! Our new HDMI cable enables a higher resolution for increased clarity whether you are viewing data and video during critical missions or using IFE during travel.

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